From Our Kitchen Table, To Yours

We are artists and artisans

Our company is a small collective of like-minded creative individuals who come together to put beautiful projects together for our clients. Though you have a primary contact to contact at any time, everyone is available to you for questions and feedback and support.

Love is our inspiration

We are inspired by our clients' love for their children, parents, siblings, cousins and even their unknown ancestors. Each of us works on these projects because we get something from them for ourselves. Our standards are high and we are devoted to making each project authentic to our client.

These projects are personal

Family, art and preservation of the past inspire each of us in different ways. Putting it all together for our clients, and working with each other to create something that blends the highest standard of research with custom design makes us all feel warm and fuzzy.

What We Do

Custom Art

Completely custom, our artwork ranges from family trees, to portraits, to milestone maps that champion an individual’s life story. Perfect for the walls of a nursery to the dining room; these pieces are a brilliant gift for a grandparent, or a child, or for the whole family.

Bespoke Books

Share and preserve your family history with personal stories, photographs, recipes and genealogical research. Entirely custom or choose from several house-made styles. These books are the perfect way to tie generations together and a beautiful reminder of the past.

Genealogy (Family Research)

Put your family on the map of history and learn more about who and where your family comes from by discovering your lost ancestors, accessing official documents, and exploring the myths of generations past by authenticating facts.

Personal Archiving

We sort, file and digitize documents, photographs and life’s ephemera so you can keep it safe, share what’s important and find what you need.

What We've Made

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How We Work

Pull up a chair & join us

Planning & Scope

First things first, we discuss what it is you’d like to create or accomplish. Whether we’re doing entirely on your behalf, or you need help with only a certain element of your project, we’ll iron out the details from the start. With all of our projects, our clients are in charge and aware of what we’re working on at all times. This discussion includes budget decisions, deadlines and wish lists. You will have a really good idea of the scope of what will happen from this point forward. On large projects it also includes signing a contract.

Information Gathering

Often started in conjunction with planning your project’s scope, this might include requesting documents and photographs for an archive or for the contents of a book, it might mean interviews with various family members for stories to include in a book or for ideas to customize a family tree design, it might also mean reviewing past research you have conducted to formulate a genealogical research plan. This part of the project requires help from you and from family members. It can be time consuming and requires some time commitment from one or several family members.


If research is required for your project, we’ll likely work in sets of hours. This system is beneficial because it means we can set specific, achievable goals for each set of hours, and you are aware of what we’ve found, or have not been able to find, and can make decisions as we go about priorities, budget and next steps. Each set of hours will result in a fully sourced research report you can use for future reference.

Design & Approval

If we’re creating something visual for you, we work on a two-round approval system that gives you all kinds of flexibility to provide input and creatively direct the project. The artist will put together two or three different visual options or styles based on an initial discussion of what you like and want to see. You will then choose from those designs or come up with something entirely different after getting your feet wet with design and layout options. Refinements or a new design will then be presented. This second round of approval is for minor adjustments to specific fonts, colour or format.

If your project is a book, this process applies to final text, and the cover and interior design as well as layout.


Whether the project is a piece of art, an archive database with digitized photographs, or a custom book, we love delivering it right into your hands – and we hand-deliver as often as we can – in as pretty a package as we can muster. We care for your final outcome, as well as any documents or photographs or files we might have needed throughout the process, as if they were our own. This step isn’t the end, only the end of the beginning.

Who We Are

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