Do you have boxes of home movies, ancient albums of precious photographs, slides and documents you haven’t labelled or looked at for years?

What about years of personal photos of friends and family on your computer? It is a huge job to take on sorting out the ephemera of lives, especially when you have inherited your parents’ and grandparents’ collections. Turn them into something you can enjoy, rather than feel guilty about.

Bring us your albums, your boxes, and your suitcases. We will sort, digitize, catalogue and cull (if needed) your collection and return it to you in a safe, organized and archival quality storage solution tailored to your living space and specific needs.

Work with us or leave the entire project in our hands.

Timelines will also turn your film, videos, slides, photographs and documents into slideshows and edited films of your family’s best, most beautiful and memorable moments — we will create as many copies as you want, so each family member can have their own.

Estate Planning

For our clients who are dealing with the loss of a family member, or thinking ahead and making plans for a celebration of life or funeral, we can help with putting together a wonderful slideshow of images to share with friends and family.

We will create a projection-ready slideshow of up to 100 digitized historic images, which we will provide to you on a DVD or memory stick along with 8 – 10 email and projection ready current portraits of you. A professional photographer can photograph you in your home or at her studio.

This can be part of a broader archival project, or a stand-alone job.


 Standard sized documents/photographs $5; each hour of original 8mm or VHS $100. Larger projects are priced individually.

The benefits of a digital archive

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