Our books draw together generations by integrating stories, photos, memorabilia and research into a single wonderful narrative.

Imagine if you had your grandmother’s memoirs, a personal account of her life, in her own words. Imagine how close you would feel to her. When a generation passes, we lose access to their day-to-day experiences and first-hand accounts. Give your family your memories: share the most exciting, the saddest, the funniest, the proudest moments; the most important things you learned and what you live by; your biggest fears and your strongest values. This is also the time to share stories that have been passed down from your grandmothers and grandfathers. Don’t let the stories of your family – be they fact or fiction – be lost.

A book project is guided your aesthetic and vision. We can be as involved as you like, from from interviewing your family members to completion. We're also happy to project manage your own research and writing, offering support and direction when needed and collaborating with you on the creative elements.

Have as many copies of your book printed as you like, we save your files so you can order more later if you want. We also offer various e-book options to suit your budget and distribution needs.

When we start from scratch, we’ll interview you and your family members in a location of your choosing, an hour at a time. We'll conduct genealogical research to track down family members and expand the details of your ancestors' lives. We'll sift through family photos with you, helping to identify who is who. Those same photos can be digitally restored and archived as part of the process. We'll put it all together as a single narrative or a series of vignettes. The final look and style is entirely up to you from beautiful, elegant coffee-table book to fun scrapbook of images and text. The writing and research are done by professionals and every book is edited and, if desired, indexed. Each step is discussed with you in detail, and only complete when we get your signature of approval.


  Our custom books start at $10,000 for 100 pages. We are always happy to discuss a specific budget and will prepare a detailed outline of your project and its anticipated cost based on a detailed discussion with you. We have some clients who prefer to conduct the research or do the writing themselves, we also have templates for book layout that reduce the overall cost of the production.

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