Joel Thompson

Graphic Artist & Researcher

Joel brings both his design skill and a love of history to Timelines. His graphic art, jewellery and painting is informed and inspired by the Old Masters, the styles of which he is formally trained in, along with the imagery of post-Tsarist nostalgia, pop culture, film noir, rock n’roll and the curves of pulp’s hot rods and bombshells. This is the prism through which Joel views the world, and what motivates his art.

The grandson of a member of the British child emigration movement to Canada, Joel has spent countless hours documenting his English ancestors, and has made trips to visit the Dr. Barnardo’s offices to make personal inquiries about the story of his grandfather Alfred. 

Joel conducts research and works one-on-one with clients to create gorgeous family trees and other visual gems to illustrate a family history.

You can find Joel’s own website here: