Stephanie Wright, MLS

Archivist & Project Manager

A liberal arts university education fostered Stephanie’s appetite for ideas manifested as art. She has a passion for storytelling, culture, exceptional Instagram profiles and the value of a well-presented opinion or design. Her working life has been spent in communications, PR and marketing for niche markets and included a year immersed in the Sharon Murphy school of research and genealogy. Stephanie has the skills to manage large projects and guide creative planning from initiation to completion. Artifact preservation, library and archive research and museum management are her academic boyfriends. There is nothing she likes more than guiding Timelines’ clients through the creation of their own family history project where she can draw on the incredible skill and creativity of her colleagues to create something that is accurate, beautiful and meaningful.

Stephanie is also an in-house archivist, happily cataloguing and digitizing photographs and documents to preserve the original format or to make a family collection shareable.