Fresh starts

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I was just mindlessly looking for hair tutorials and came across this very pretty blog written by the utterly mindful and open Freckled Fox, Emily. I’m seriously jealous of this woman’s hair, but after reading what her life has been like the past year, I am inspired by her voice and her strength and by what power her words have. What strength to experience what she has and continue to be able to seek and share the beauty of the world, to allow it to touch her. For someone just starting out on a blogging journey, unsure how to get into the nitty gritty of expressing big and little thoughts regularly in writing, this was a spectacular website to stumble across. There are no excuses after reading this!

This particular post is heavy but beautiful. I love the specific descriptions of the little things that happen everyday here. It’s particularly meaningful because it’s a celebration of family and a comment on how memory works–knowing it fades for us all–and of the importance of keeping the people we love, and have loved, close and finding ways to remember their specialness.


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