Explore your roots. Whether you are starting from scratch or have already begun researching your family, we can help.

Timelines is one of Canada’s oldest professional genealogy research firms, and with that heritage comes accurate and authoritative research. Our professionals offer precise and methodical family history research, with full documentation when possible, and family charts if wanted. A sourced, written report is provided with every project along with suggestions for further avenues of research. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of research.

We offer a discounted initial package of approximately 10 hours of work. We will survey any prior research you provide us with, as well as the location and time period you are interested in. A research report focussed on your expressed priorities will be developed and a significant amount of original research will be completed. Results vary depending on what research has already been done, what information is available and what you are interested in discovering. You will receive a full report of our proposed research plan, our findings (including negative results) and our suggestions for any further work.

House Histories

Timelines offers specific research on historic houses and the families who lived in them. The places where we grew up, where our ancestors grew up, or where we spent precious time, can hold many rich family memories. Homes offer their own stories, as well as the stories of the people who inhabited them.

We offer house histories that may include historic and current photos, information on past occupants, architects, historic documents like deeds, land ownership. We specialize in homes in and around Cobourg, thanks to historian Robert Mikel. Validate family stories with an accurate historical record of your family’s movements –where they came from, when they arrived in Canada, where they lived, how they were employed, their military experiences, where they were baptized and married and how they died.


 Our prices range from $35-$60 for hourly genealogical research; we also provide research consultation for $95.

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